About Coaching

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Coaching offered by the Inclusive Markets Institute allows market development professionals to bounce ideas off of and problem solve with an experienced coach and Inclusive Market Development practitioner. This guided and grounded learning experience is focussed on a current challenge that you, the professional, are facing in your work. See how our approach to coaching is tailored to your needs.

Who is Coaching For?

  • Inclusive Market Development Practitioners with at least 2 years of work experience in the field
  • Practitioners who have received some basic training in M4P or the Value Chain Approach
  • Currently working on a project engaged in inclusive market development as a middle or senior manager
  • Consultant or Advisor to a team currently working on a market development project in the area of program design, management, evaluation or coordination
  • Donors responsible for overseeing Inclusive Market Development Projects

Where are you facing challenges in your project or program cycle? 

Market Analysis 



Monitoring &

  • How to set up a market systems research plan?
  • How to incorporate a gender lens to your market analysis?
  • Where are the leverage points for appropriate interventions to influence systemic change?
  • Are partners fulfilling their obligations to the relationship?
  • Are staff paying attention to market actor feedback?
  • Why isn’t there buy-in from market actors to the behavior change being modeled through the intervention activities?
  • Is the monitoring system nimble enough to capture feedback from actors and program partners?
  • What are good instruments to gather feedback from actors and staff regarding what is happening in the field?

Interested? Fill out an application form and email it to us info@inclusivemarkets.institute