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# of Individuals
1 to 2 Individuals
3 or more Individuals


Cost per Session
US$150 per session
US$100 per session

Cost for 3 Sessions
US$300 for 3 sessions
US$250 for 3 sessions


  • US$100 per session
  • The individual fee is only applicable if the fee is paid by an individual, not an organization

Coaching Payment

When your application has been reviewed, you, or whoever is going to pay for the course, will receive an invoice via email.  You can then make your payment through Western Union or any other money transfer service that goes from your country to Canada. You will be provided with the required information when you receive your invoice.

How to apply

Apply by downloading the application form which you can find on the right hand of this page. When you have filled it out please submit it by e-mail to info@inclusivemarkets.institute Do you have questions? Just contact us at the same email. 

Installment Plan Option

IF you as an individual are not able to make your payment in one installment, please contact us to discuss an installment plan. We can discuss the date for each installment to create a payment option that suits your economic needs. If this is an option for you, check out the installment plan by clicking the button. This option is available for individuals only.