Our Coaching Approach

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The virtual coaching we offer at the Inclusive Markets Institute is a guided facilitated learning experience that begins with your challenge or issue that you are currently facing in the field. 

Why Coaching?

  • It puts the professional at the center of the learning because coaching focuses on the learner’s needs, and how they want to address those needs. 
  • It allows the learner the satisfaction of discovering the solution, rather than being told what to do.
  • It encourages greater understanding and ownership in influencing systemic changeCoaching involves the learner, who discovers and understands the solution, which improves the likelihood of the solution being tested and implemented.
  • It can be very cost-effective because it addresses the individual’s specific issues or needs, is very efficient, with no ‘waste’.
  • It is an appropriate management style and lends to a learning adaptive culture. Coaching is a more collaborative approach, where the staff member is valued and supported, rather than directed and controlled.

Coaching can enhance your professional development with brainstorming and supportive problem solving that provides guidance for resolving bottlenecks in your program delivery.