Our Approach

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Have you ever attended a 3-5 day professional development workshop where you had to leave your home and workplace to attend? The material was awesome with brilliant concepts, but it was not based on your experience. All those great new ideas that had you fired up fizzled out after returning to the office and soon after you forgot what you had learned.

At the Inclusive Market Institute (IMI) your experience will be different. The virtual courses we deliver are a guided facilitated learning experience that begins with your professional experience and knowledge. All modules pass through the adult learning cycle.

Unlike traditional ‘training’ that promotes problem-solving through connecting an action strategy to achieve a result, at IMI all our courses are committed to going beyond just fixing problems in the market system. Our courses guide participants to learn from the feedback of the market system itself to identify leverage points that will influence systemic change and how to adapt interventions to what has emerged.

Our online courses emphasize skills development applied to the field with technical support from peers, the course facilitator, and guest experts. The participant drives the learning that relates to the methodological challenge/s being faced in her or his current project or institution through a systematic, incremental field/institution-based assignment that underpins the course.